Produktion | Intervention mit dem Medium Licht
Hallo Festspiele 2015 & 2016 | Kraftwerk Bille, Hamburg
HALLO Festspiele is an artistic format of spatial development based in Hamburg, Germany. It uses means of festival making to establish a culture of space-opening in places that are either  physically or ideally closed. HALLO therefore combines playful research and expertise of its departments discourse, music, performance, games, communication, production and food with innovative forms of communication and hands-on laboratories of construction. Its aim is to revive a disused urban structure by reopening the former electric power station Kraftwerk Bille in Hamburg to a new audience. Through a series of events HALLO will generate and implement concepts for both short- and long-term use for Kraftwerk Bille. Having a focus on space and spatial strategies, HALLO interprets architecture and urban design as an experimental, performative, sustainable, transdisciplinary and participatory process. For lack of accessible space, groups and expertise within forms of experimental architecture in the city of Hamburg, the HALLO Festspiele collective is aiming to tap an international network of groups coming from France, Denmark, Portugal and Israel that share a similar approach.
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