Based on functional panels from defective PCs. Specific parts are reused in a second product cycle as a lumiere. The highly technical light guiding plates, diffuser films and cold cathode tubes that last up to 20 years are enhanced with high quality natural materials such as recyclable cork and brass, incorporated with gesture controls and held together with binder-clips. They produce a uniformly illuminated surface, that radiates in all directions. The panels are easy to refit and for a more diverse luminous color option can be retrofitted with modern LED technology.
2014 | Upcycling: Litter to Light | NEONON | 1. Platz | Zeitschrift LICHT und Messe Berlin, Berlin
2014 | Upcycling: Litter to Light | NEONON | Sonderpreis Modularität | Zeitschrift LICHT, Messe Berlin, Berlin

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