Transmediale Interaktive Installation
Luminale | Palmengarten Frankfurt am Main
Schöner Schein is a poetic interactive installation for the Palmgarden’s entrance greenhouse in Frankfurt am Main – a game between desirability and scare. An alluringly beckoning ocean of paper blossoms was plunged in colorful light by five projectors and several dmx controlled spotlights.

The seductively attractive floating sea paper flowers was bathed in colored light and recorded with ornamental, visitors generated from the motion projections. Based on the cultural spaces for carnivo- rous plants on the greenhouse upper levels, the Flowers transformed – trigged by the volume level in the room – to mass of noisy smacking maws for a moment of disturbance. While form the outside view maintaining a beautifully luring organic shape.

Calmed down, their mouths disappeared and the multicolored play beautiful floating flowers con- tiued. The „beautiful appearance“ is continued to the outside in the lily pond, with its bright paper floating water lilies from here and created a smooth transition to the park interior.
Mit Katharina Berndt und Andreas Wiegand.
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